How To Use Hypnosis To Balance Your Chakras

The chakras are an ancient model for awakening and balancing your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energies. When our energy becomes aligned in each of these seven systems, we can experience healing and harmony in our inner and outer world.

Hypnosis is a modality that can help us to achieve this by re-calibrating each of those points in our body to achieve the desired peace, wellness, and spiritual balance. Here, I will discuss how you can use hypnosis for chakra balancing for improved health, well-being, and positive change.
What Are Chakras?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

The chakra system are energy centers in the body that start at the base of your spine and move up to the crown of your head. There are seven main chakra energy centers, each one representing a different area of our lives.

When these energy centers are balanced, we can experience harmony and well-being in our mind, body, and spirit. However, when they are out of alignment, or one is blocked, we can often experience imbalance in our outer world and symptoms and problems arise.

The best way to re-align these vortexes is to go into our inner world using the map of the chakras to show us how to allow the energy to flow more feely within. This chakra healing will help to achieve a more joyful, harmonious life both internally and externally.

According to an article written by Ohio State University, the chakras are mentioned historically as early as 600 BC and come from the Sanskrit word wheel, because they are spinning forces of energy that correspond to nerve centers and major organs in the body. (Chakras | The Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs (osu.edu)

Individuals who do believe that they have chakras notice a deep body change with their well-being when they become aware of where this block in energy is and they take steps to focus on the re-alignment through these centers. I have found that through hypnosis we can more easily identify the places that this occurs and then use visualizations and energy work to help heal that area in a deeper way.

What Are The Seven Main Chakras?

As referenced from 7 Chakras: What They Mean & How to Align Them – Cleveland Clinic

The seven main chakras are:

Root Chakra– Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Located at the base of the spine in the tailbone area. Color: Red

Sacral Chakra- Our creativity, pleasure, and sexuality. Found in the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel. Color: Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra- Self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and personal power. This chakra is located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. Color: Yellow

Heart Chakra– The center of love, joy, and inner peace. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest just above the heart. Color: Green

Throat Chakra– Communication, truthfulness, and self-expression. This chakra is located in the throat. Color: Blue

Third Eye Chakra – Intuition, imagination, and wisdom. The third eye chakra is located in the middle of your forehead between the eyebrows. It is also known as the brow chakra and is connected to psychic abilities. Color: Indigo

Crown Chakra– Enlightenment, spiritual connection, financial abundance, and bliss. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. Color: Purple

When our energy becomes aligned in any of these seven systems we can experience healing and harmony in our inner and outer world. Hypnosis is a modality that can help us to achieve this by re-calibrating each of those points in our body to achieve the desired peace and wellness.

Why Use Hypnosis For Healing?

Life is energy and the chakras are all about energy. The universal force runs through our being and brings us life. The chakras become the powerhouse and transmission of this universal energy. Each of them emits specific frequencies within the universal energy.

The chakras interact with the energy field and then transform it into what our life is driven by. A good analogy of this would be thinking about photosynthesis in a plant. The sun being the energy that is drawn into the plant which is absorbed and brought though its structure giving it life.

It then goes through its systems and into the roots drawing up nutrients. The flow then reverses and comes back up from the roots to the top of the plant eventually flowering or giving fruit. All of this is done through energy and consciousness.

All of it connected with each part of the plants system and working together for the greater good of the plant.

We are not that different from plants when you think about it. Our energy comes in from the sun and is transformed by our chakras into what we need to live.

When one or more of our chakras are blocked it can cause problems in our lives. Just as a plant would wilt if its water was cut off, we too can experience turmoil and disharmony when our energy flow is disrupted.

This is where the benefits of a hypnosis program and guided meditation come in. It is a fantastic technique that can help you to get into a deep state of relaxation and release negative energy so that you can achieve mental clarity, and a state of peace and wellness in your mental and physical body.

By using simple techniques to access the subconscious mind, hypnosis can be a powerful way to bypass the conscious that may not be in tune with what is going on in our inner world.

We can determine what is out of sync and not in alignment and clear that out through chakra exercises that create well-being. You can experience this energy today.

Imagine that the chakras are seven floors of a building. Each floor has a different viewpoint when you look out the window. On each of these floors, we experience different aspects of our lives that correlate with the human body and our spiritual energy.

The first three chakras are related to our physical well-being, the fourth chakra is associated with our heart and emotions, the fifth chakra is connected to our throat and communication, the sixth chakra relates to our third eye and intuition, and the seventh chakra gives us a connection and spiritual enlightenment.

As we ascend each floor our viewpoint becomes larger and more expansive thus giving us a clear view from the top. If any of these windows are fogged from limiting beliefs or past memories that no longer serve us, then we cannot operate and see from the clearest view.

Hypnotherapy is a way to clean the windows so that we can see more clearly and be our best selves. We do this through the chakra points with guided hypnosis activation.

How Does It Work?

We will discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve in your session. We will explore together which of the seven chakras might need alignment by talking about where you feel the most stuck and what you are experiencing in your life.

After putting you into a state of mind relaxation, I will take you through a visualization where we perform a brief chakra mediation cleansing and then begin the interactive process where we will tap into the inner workings of your mind.

When we arrive at a particular chakra or energy center, we can begin to take a deeper look at what is in there, ultimately clearing and unblocking anything that is not for your highest and best good. This allows the flow of energy to move more freely through the body and brings you back into balance.

The best part about using hypnosis to balance your chakras is that it is a completely natural process and you can achieve the health and wellness you desire easily and effortlessly. There are no drugs or outside forces being used, only the power of your own mind which will help you achieve greater emotional health.

If you are interested in learning more about the concept of hypnosis as a soothing program to balance your chakras, please contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss why hypnosis can be the correct choice for you and why it is effective in helping to achieve your goal.

It has finally dawned on me that if I build a home within myself, a palace of peace created with my own awareness and love, this can be the refuge I have always been seeking.