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Holistic Coaching is an integrative wellness approach that focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. It utilizes various modalities such as hypnosisneuro-linguistic programming (NLP), sound, breathwork, somatic techniques, and energy work. By addressing both the conscious and subconscious minds, Holistic Coaching aims to promote comprehensive well-being and balance in all aspects of your life. This whole-body approach helps individuals achieve their wellness goals and enhance their overall quality of life.

Holistic coaching is a mind-body-spirit approach where the client is viewed as having the innate wisdom to find their own answers, with the coach facilitating this self-discovery. Unlike therapy, which often involves diagnosis and treatment by a therapist with perceived greater knowledge, holistic coaching emphasizes a collaborative relationship, using techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), breathwork, somatic work, and hypnosis to empower clients and focus on their personal growth and self-discovery to actualize change.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a approach that explores the connections between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic), and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming). NLP focuses on understanding how these elements interact to influence how we think, communicate, and behave, integrating the mind, body, and spirit for alignment and optimal well-being. By applying NLP techniques, individuals can reprogram their thoughts and behaviors to achieve specific goals, overcome challenges, and improve their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This approach helps foster a deeper connection between the conscious and subconscious minds, promoting a balanced and fulfilling life.

Hypnosis is a deep meditative state that helps people get out of their thinking mind and tap into the unconscious mind, which holds internal answers to what is going on in your world. Hypnosis can be used to heal places in your life where you feel stuck, so that you can live happy, joyous, and free.

In hypnosis you will tap into your subconscious mind which is your internal guidance system and holds all your beliefs, memories, and patterns. This will lead you to the root cause of what is going on in your world and open you up to understanding the path that is needed for healing to take place. This process is all completely collaborative, so you will be speaking from your own truths as you journey to discover what insight, answers, and information is needed for you to manifest peace in all areas of your life.

The only requirement for getting results in using the power of the subconscious mind is that the person consciously wants to change and is committed to do so.

Reduce stress and anxiety, raise self-esteem, modify habits, promote wellness, increase confidence, encourage joyful living, attract prosperity and abundance, explore spiritual growth, and more. Holistic coaching using hypnosis and other alternative modalities will provide a gateway for you to effortlessly invite in your own healing and quickly achieve your your goals. Once you discover the great results and benefits these powerful tools can provide, regularly scheduled sessions can take you even deeper, automatically checking in with your subconscious mind, and calling more peace and healing into your mind, body, and spirit wherever it is needed.
I do a combination of transpersonal hypnotherapy and alchemical hypnosis. These methods are interactive so we will work together to discover more insight, information, and answers into what is needed for you to experience healing in your mind and body. This type of healing is all client centered, so your session will be catered toward the best possible outcome for your transformation and goals. In these sessions you will be in a safe and supportive space where I will offer questions that will help you to discover the answers lying in your subconscious mind that are needed to bring about change. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: The transpersonal approach, also described as spiritually centered hypnosis, emphasizes that the body, mind, and spirit affect eachother and hypnosis is the primary catalyst to bridge the three. Sessions are always client-centered. Because the subconscious mind holds all the answers to the mind-body-spirit triad, once under hypnosis the client will be able to go to the original source of his or her problem and know what is needed for healing. Alchemical Hypnosis: This type of hypnotherapy is Iinteractive trance work using archetypes and guides. It empowers the clients to work with these guides every day to assist them with their problems and discover and align with their life purpose.
No, this work is not religious in nature. However, in the transpersonal approach we will look for insights and experiences that support your highest good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While it is not rooted in any specific religious beliefs, it can be powerful to incorporate your own spiritual beliefs (if you have them) to aid in your healing. When appropriate we will weave spiritual aspects into a session when it is helpful and aligned with your personal beliefs and needs, allowing you to discover and expand upon your connection to something greater than yourself.

No, hypnotherapy and inner healing work is a pleasant experience. You will always be fully aware of your surroundings and everything that’s happening unless you become so relaxed that you drift into a natural sleep. At that point, you go out of hypnosis, and need to be told to wake up. During hypnosis you will be in control the entire time. You will be able to make choices that are right for you and cease the session at any time if you feel uncomfortable. After hypnosis you will remember everything from your experience and can incorporate what you have learned on both a conscious and subconscious level.

No. During the process of hypnosis, I will guide you with some suggestions for the process of relaxing. You will be in control at every step of the way. If I suggest something, which you believe to be not the best for you at the time, you may adjust it in any way, which seems appropriate. You will have a heightened sense of awareness and focus but you can never be made to do anything you would not normally do. If you were told to do something out of character or against your morals, you can easily disagree and awaken.
No, however we can help a person transform a memory which may be causing them problems. In the subconscious mind are memories that generally are responsible for our decisions, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors. By transforming these memories you will begin to see changes in your current life path. In hypnosis you will tap into your subconscious mind which is your internal guidance system and holds all your beliefs, memories, and patterns. This will lead you to the root cause of what is going on in your world and open you up to understanding the path that is needed for healing to take place.
Yes, everyone can be hypnotized, as long as they have the ability to concentrate as most people do, the stronger that you are able to concentrate, the deeper the relaxation and levels that can be reached. People naturally go into hypnosis at least twice a day, right before falling asleep and waking up. You also experience a hypnotic state when you are driving a car, reading a book, and watching TV. If you can do any of these things, then there is a high chance that you can experience optimal levels of hypnosis.

The number of sessions will vary from person to person, as each person’s needs are different. This number will vary according to the nature of your present issues and the depth to which you would like to explore them. While traditional therapies tend to require a longer time commitment, hypnotherapy requires a shorter number of sessions to help achieve your goals. This is because you are working to access deeper levels of the mind which can shortcut you to learning and shifting the places where your core beliefs live.

All sessions will be private and confidential.

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Yes, I am able to see teenagers at this time.

This depends on how much subconscious change is brought about in the first place. Hypnosis helps to make the change process easier and more natural so that the desired changes seem effortless. If a change has been made to a flawed fundamental belief system, then the change will be permanent and last for a lifetime. In hypnosis we can access the roots of the problem and when we remove those roots and plant new seeds, then new growth and change will happen, and remain. Those people who are motivated to change have the most success.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” –Albert Einstein

We will use multiple different modalities to get you the results you desire. In holistic coaching we utilize NLP, sound, breath, somatics and hypnotherapy as tools for healing.

A study from 1970 found hypnosis to have a 93 percent success rate, with fewer sessions needed than behavioral therapy. Since everyone is different, hypnosis might not be the best healing modality for you. If you are not finding the results and benefit from the sessions, I encourage you to find an alternative method that you feel more aligned with.

According to American Health magazine, 600 sessions of talk therapy (the equivalent of 11 years of weekly sessions) produced a 38% recovery rate and 22 sessions of behavior therapy a 72% recovery rate. Meanwhile, 6 sessions of hypnotherapy result in a 93% recovery rate!

Holistic coaching uses an integrative approach to wellness working with both the conscious and subconscious minds for healing. Hypnosis and inner work is as safe as falling asleep or meditating. Hypnosis is deep relaxation and focused intention with suggestion and guidance from the hypnotherapist as to where your subconscious mind needs support. There is nothing harmful in relaxation and you will leave sessions feeling supported and with insights and information that will help you in your life. Many people receive great benefit from the experience.

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds… Claim and consciously use your power.” – Louise Hay

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You are a good candidate if you fit the following criteria:

  1. Willingness to participate: You are willing to engage actively in the process. This involves being open to new ideas and approaches and following the guidance provided by the practitioner.
  2. Seeking Self-Improvement: If you are looking for ways to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being holistically, these approaches could be highly beneficial and create profound and lasting change.
  3. No current substance abuse: Hypnotherapy may not be appropriate for people who are currently using drugs or alcohol, as these substances can affect a person’s ability to enter a trance state and may interfere with the effectiveness of the therapy.
  4. No Severe Medical or Mental Health Conditions: It is important to discuss any underlying medical conditions, such as epilepsy or heart issues, with a qualified mental health professional before starting any new type of treatment. Additionally, hypnotherapy may is not suitable for individuals with severe mental health conditions like severe psychosis, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.

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Each coaching session is client-centered and unique, tailored to your specific needs and goals. A session typically starts with talking to understand your current state and goals and create a safe space for your healing. In the second part, we will go inward using hypnosis and other techniques to explore your inner landscape and discover what is needed to actualize and embody all that you desire. We will always work with both the conscious and subconscious mind, as they both play an integral part in healing. Each session will build on the previous one, with the goal of equipping you with tools and resources to bring to your life for permanent change.

To ensure we can fully focus on your healing during our session, I require payment in advance. I accept Cash and Zelle.

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Out of respect for all clients and my time, I request any cancellations or rescheduling be completed at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Changes made with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to fees up to the total amount billed for the session. I appreciate your understanding.

At least 24 hours prior to your session you will fill out agree to the consent form which is linked here: https://forms.gle/6EvRyiF1c7Bx3M4t5

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Sessions will be one hour in length. However, your first session will be 90 minutes to allow for extra time together for intake. An initial consultation is always offered to determine if hypnotherapy would be helpful you.

Enlightenment is Always Preceeded by Confusion.

-Milton Erickson

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.